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June 2, 2022 stop addiction

Early steps of addiction route

We usually refer to addiction to a habit that is rejected by society or termed as a bad habit which causes physical, mental and financial loss for the addicted person. Thus the word addiction is generally used for a dark side of individual life which directly or indirectly affects society as well. Early steps of addiction route has its roots in Destructive reasoning and over confidence.

Although it is said that any addiction is the culmination of a bad and dangerous habit and it is a slow process, one should not forget that most of the times, early steps toward addiction are of willful nature and self-initiated. Here are few reasons with which a person justifies his / her early steps on addiction route : I have seen people having this habit, but they are living happily, enjoying their life then why I should not ?

Destructive Reasoning

  • My friends have this habit and If I want to maintain this friend circle, I have to follow this habit as well.
  • I have a strong mind and I do not think that I will get habitual if I tried this few times.
  • I am full capable to handle this habit and I can impress others by showing the same.
  • There are females in my group, who can easily handle this habit. So being a male, I can certainly handle this.
  • This habit is just for time pass and I am sure that I will stop this whenever I want.
  • I am not able to bear this stress and this habit will give me few moments of relaxation.

Harmful Over-Confidence

  • I am doing this just for some fun and nothing more.
  • I look very impressive and strong when I am doing this.
  • This habit enhances my personality.
  • This has become part of the culture and nothing is wrong to adopt this now.
  • This is the last time I am doing this. After that I will leave this habit forever.
  • I have stayed away successfully from this habit after that first incident. So I will able to handle this after doing just for one more time.

There can be more such reasons, but the essence of all this comes from ignoring the power of addiction material and self-assessed capabilities of being stronger mentally and physically.

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